Flexibility in Ithaca

Kioni. Another stunning well protected bay in Ithaca, Homer’s Odysee’s home, after a stop over night in the tiny fishing port of Poros with a fantastic cave bar, if you ever happen to pass there. From now onwards, you can follow our steps 12 hours by 12 hours here thanks to our YellowBrig. Back to Kioni.

Kioni_431 Kioni_432 Kioni_433 Kioni_434

It’s entertainment hour again. Between 1600 and 1800 all the charter boats get in. Unfortunately 90 percent have no idea what they are doing. Most take up to two hours to lay a long line, another typical Mediterranean manoeuvre which has you drop your anchor, then tie two long stern lines (think about 50m) to the rocks. Most people try it with the dinghy, but having someone swim with the windward line first, tie it to a rock, then come back for the second line is much easier. The best one asked if there were any professional divers around…

At the moment there’s about 10 – 15 kts of wind blowing which is the threshold at which most temporary skippers start freaking out and logic defies them. Dropping your anchor upwind is a must if you want to fit into any tighter space and stay hooked for the night. Seven out of ten boats didn’t get it tonight and so the entertainment goes on until two of them lift up our anchor… Flexibility is everything when cruising, being able to react quickly compulsory. And so we pick up our hook and sail on.

Life is like a bicycle. If you stop moving, you lose balance.

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