Sailing paradise

Early morning rise as the sky turns pink. Escaping the herds. Off we go as the kids wake up slowly. Sleepy eyes taking in the lush green islands around us. Undiscovered bays falling of the steep golden cliffs. Schools of fish reflecting the sunlight. Past a deeply indented cave. Tempted to stop, but the kids cry for breakfast. Chai brewing, toast smelling deliciously as we pass through the Maganisous Canal. Breathtaking, so much beauty at once. Diving would be incredible here. On we go, a perfect 15 nm later we turn into Spartachoriou, late morning, just as the herds have left. The quay to ourselves, welcomed with mooring lines. Our anchor gets a break. Babis’ tavern behind the tree glows in Caribbean style. Beach bar. Hammocks hanging of the trees. Internet to send of these updates. Protection from the forecasted Northerlies. Are we staying the night? The mooring man asks. For sure! Maybe even two – or four.

Skarpachoe_461 Skarpachoe_462 Skarpachoe_463Skarpachoe_464Skarpachoe_465

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