The European state of Malta is made up of three major islands – plus a few tiny rocks peaking out of the vast blue Mediterranean Sea around us. Gozo, you heard me rave on about in the last post. Malta’s been THE topic with all its sides and facets for pretty much of all of the posts since our landfall in October 2014. Comino is an almost non-inhabited island with a circumference of barely 7 km squashed between the ‘mainland’ and Gozo, caressed hourly by the ferry wash. It’s most famous for its Blue Lagoon.

Having anchored for the night in nearby Salmun Bay (a well-kept secret just east of Mellieha Bay) we couldn’t but challenge all tourist mass odds and have a look ourselves. After half an hour motor sail we dropped the hook – only to literally pick it up again as soon as the index had left the windlass control. Several dozens of penis extensions (also known as cigarette boats), floating and blasting overfilled tourist molds (barely worthy of the name boat) and numerous local dinghies to fill all but the last spot. Our idea of a sailing nightmare. Yes, it was blue and – above crowds aside – looked beautiful, but definitely not worth enduring. We sailed a few bays further up to the most northern side of Comino (5 minutes away). Maybe not quite as blue, but a bit more tranquil and definitely lots more fun on the beach with our family cruising friends from Maya.

Little tip, if you want to enjoy the Blue Lagoon by boat during the sailing season, get there around 5pm when everyone else is leaving, spend the night safely and quietly on one of the tour boat moorings, enjoy a splendid morning and escape before the masses attack.



  1. Totally agree with you about the blue lagoon. It does have beautiful blue waters but it is also overcrowded, noisy and not what you want.
    Don’t all these tourists understand that places like that were made for me and they should all go home when they see me coming.

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