Homemade cough remedy

As we are adjusting to the British climate we all have had to constantly fend of flues and the like. I believe this simple Ayurvedic remedy has helped our immune systems stay fairly strong. It is easy to make with ingredients common in the West and perfect to keep for when you need it. Although Ayurveda usually administers individualized remedies and measures depending on a person’s biological Dosha, or humour, a few ancient goodies like this one can be helpful to anyone.


Get the spices ready in equal proportions: Ginger, Cloves, Cinnamon.

Prepare your working base with a bit of sesame seed oil or coconut oil. Drop honey on top (in about 9/10th proportion to the weight of the spices). Start massaging all the spices into the honey. Covering your hands in oil too will help keep your ‘dough’ of them. You might be able to form little candy pieces. Else store in a container in the fridge. When needed, add warm (not hot!) water to a teaspoon/one candy and make a yummy healing tea. Add lots of sleep, wholesome food and the absence of any mucus forming stuff in your diet like yogurt, cheese and bananas, and cough & co will for the most be an after-thought. Enjoy being in power of your own health!

If you want to take it further, try repeating the mantra for self-healing while inhaling a golden-white light which will get rid of any negativities that might be blocking your system:

Om Tare tu tare ture soha

Om mani pedme hum

Om muni muni maha muni sakya muni soha

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