Happy Easter Weekend

This weekend past a bit like the picture above – in a Woosh. The question is, what didn’t we do!

Most random moment on Easter Friday was when we past one of the forts here where they still like shooting off their canons on a daily basis. I noticed the Union Jack on half-mast so asked if the Queen or someone of similar importance had died. THE LOOKS I got from the local ticket vendor… If I wasn’t Catholic? (God forbid, I’m not, which makes us part of a 2 percent mini minority on Malta…). Jesus died! How could I forget? Of course I didn’t – just never had seen such national grief because of it…

But back to the start – drinks with friends, for a few hours feeling what pre-kids times felt like and mapping out our route for the next couple of years on a piece of paper napkin.

Happy Dancer’s Route 2014-16

Then more boat work: Scraped barnacles of the propeller and checked if we really do need that haul-out and anti-foul here in Malta where there’s lots of more economic places quite nearby.

More winches got some loving – without being paid for sneaky adds (unfortunately), Lewmar quality really seems worth the price. I doubt these babeies have been serviced by the two previous owners and yet, they looked in top condition. Klaus/Giuliano – let me know if I’m wrong if you are reading this! Lol
Internal workings of a winch

Saturday we embarked on a stunningly beautiful bike tour round a quarter of the island which had us end up in Marsaskala unexpectedly for a nice coffee in the sun with adjacent huge playground – read, families’ paradise. It wouldn’t have been a typical Happy Dancing morning, had daddy not locked the bikes together – without having brought the lock key along… Took as an hour to find a local with the adequate tools to break our lock open and entertained the mentioned Cafe for the duration of that.

Marsaskala – little fishing village in Malta’s East


As if the weekend hadn’t been special enough already, we celebrated the stunning full moon around a fire, with bongos, guitars, singing and prayers in gratitude for the amazing life we are privileged to lead.

After more lovely dinners and times with friends, Sunday brought the Easter hunt with home-painted eggs, home-made raw chocolates and the all time favourite maple-syrup-roasted-pecan nuts (Easter does not need to be packed with junk!) – and a few presies for the kids which made their eyes sparkle even brighter.

Our three year old checking up the mast for more Easter Eggs

Sunday I taught my second last Yin Yoga Sunday class before we start the proper sailing season. (For locals: Thursday night’s still on till late May!)

swadishtana pic sequence
Yin Yoga with Dini M


And when I got back the washing had been done – thanks hubby. Awesome. What a weekend! Namaste. Happy Easter. The flags are back at full mast. God bless!


Washing Day on Happy Dancer




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  1. Loved this Post!!! Happy Easter, Jesus ressuscitou!!!!

    Laughed so hard with the locked bikes story. That would be somethibg Pedro would do, and I would be FURIOUS ahhaha

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