Tomorrow’s treasured memories

Our seven months wintering in Malta are over. One new place to leave a bit of home in. One fabulous radio interview. One unforgettable weekend visit in Sicily. Two interesting Maltese TV interviews. Two 108 sun salute series. Two blissful yoga retreats. Two monthly articles since February for Malta’s FIRST magazine. Three other family boats capped in our hearts. Three regular accounting clients for Pablo to work from onboard. Four visits to beautiful Gozo. Five new hatches. Six newly sealed stantion bases. Seven months of teaching weekly yoga classes. Eight overseas visitors. Nine worms found while preping our little parmaculture patch. And a ton of food and water stored on the boat, ready for departure.

Add the countless beautiful yoga students who I’ve had the honour to connect with through my classes, workshops and retreats. The friendships we’ve tied who’ll warm up the cold and lonely night passages. The moments we connected with the islands’ land, respecting its bloody history, embracing its ragged beauty. The maintenance and upgrdaes on Happy Dancer to continue carrying us safely and happily around this globe, from yoga retreat to yoga retreat, on our slow journey back to Australia.

H is for Happiness (3)

Now we are holidaying in the UK for a fourtnight. Nourishing friendships from the previous winter break. Reconnecting with the yoga community in Southampton, Winchester and London. Cherishing old moments, enjoying and creating tomorrow’s treasured memories. Next weekend we’ll be at the Colourfest to sing, yoga and dance with the kids. Right now they are playing with their old buddies while we are sharing a good old English cuppa breathing in deeply the lush green countryside. I almost had forgotten how beautiful England is in spring. Letting the soul dangle in the here and now – and yet sweet smeels, funky tastes, particular colours – all take me back to different places of this world which have also felt like home in the past – and those that still will in the future. But really, more and more carrying the home inside, or like a turtle, wrapped around us. Namaste, soul greetings and immense gratitude for all the amazingly beautiful people in our lives, for being able to live the life that we’ve always dreamt of and for having managed to live slower, but deeper.

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