Canary Island Yoga Holidays, 7-14 Nov’15

Has this year been the best it could be for you? Have you nourished your body, mind and soul? Or have you suppressed and ignored out true essence in the name of success, financial growth and societal expectations? Have you taken the time to slow down and listen inside enough to form the base for a happy mind, and fulfilled heart? Is your life steering into the direction you would like it to? Or do you often feel like a helpless prisoner in the stream of the endless rat-race?

It is sooo important to slow down every now and then and leaving the surroundings of your every-day environment make it easier to disconnect, slow down, observe equanimosly and re-evaluate priorities. What a better way than a yoga retreat in beautiful Tenerife on the Canary Islands? I’ll be teaching yoga for a week at the stunning and soul-foul Hacienda Cristoforo which was specifically created for people to retreat physically, recharge mentally, heal emotionally and grow spiritually.

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Throughout the week there’ll be morning and evening yoga classes, introduction to Ayurveda, the opportunity to try some acro-yoga (a mix of acrobatics, yoga and thai massage), a new moon ceremony inviting you to let go of anything which doesn’t serve your life any longer and lots more. We’ll be spoiled by delicious healthy vegetarian breakfast and dinner with fruit and vegetables mainly sourced from the Hacienda’s own organic, bio-dynamic vegetable gardens. During the day, you can lounge by the pool, stroll to one of Tenerife’s golden beaches, hike one of the world’s biggest vulcanos, explore traditional Canarian villages or UNESCO National Parks. It’s completely up to you how much you chill and how much you explore.

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The inner journey will be healing, revealing, nourishing and deeply nurturing. It is often that in slowing down and finding silence that we find everything that we are looking for and more.

Nourishing your body, mind and soul is not a luxury – but a necessity!

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To find out more about Dini’s yoga retreat, Dini and her yoga, the location, accommodation, schedule and prices, Canary Island Yoga Holidays or get in touch. I very much hope to see many of you in Tenerife 7-14 November’15. Namaste, Soul Greetings. Make the best of every moment – or else, the moment is gone!

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