Kula Yoga Festival

In the face of Brexit and Trump, this year has been rather divisive for the human race. I’m not going to go into the sensations of disbelief, despair, disgust and so on with regards to the very concerning recent political events. Instead I’ll try and focus on the light, on the little pockets of conscious beings we encounter no matter where we travel or temporarily settle. I’m talking things like the Creativity Vortex in Malta, old magical Hammams in Turkey, friendly yogis at improvised Acro sessions on random Greek islands, and of course love-spreading gatherings like the Colourfest in the UK or the upcoming Kula Yoga Festival near Sydney.

I’ve been invited to teach two Yin Yoga sessions this Saturday and Sunday at the Grove where we used to escape the city on several occasions to chill by the river or meditate in the rocks man years ago. Placed on 40 acres of beautiful hillsides and river-flats, this private property is surrounded by national parks. It is a magical place to connect with fellow yogis, yourself and our Mother Earth. It is a place where community meets, creates, relaxes and re-energises. There is also gorgeous tidal river to refresh and cool down.

inward-outward-quoteThis weekend will be a community gathering where everyone is invited to share the best of what they have, without having to hide the rest. A moment to celebrate the core and essence of each human – that which remains when fear, hatred, bigotry and narcissism are put aside – pure light, pure love.

There’s still a few tickets available and the weather’s looking not too bad. Don’t miss out. Let’s connect and let the love illuminate darkness. Namaste.


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