Chakra Flow 2: Creativity

Happy Monday! Let’s start the week with a sweet flow. Your 2nd chakra just below your naval brings exactly that: Flow in love and life. Known also as the creativity and sexual vortex, it is related to the water element. It’s name is derived from sweetness and people with a very developed Swadishtana have no problems attracting the world and its goodness (and the opposite sex!) to them. Summary: “Charming”! It is in here that new life is created, but also new ideas, creativity and projects find their birthing place.
If out of balance, we can experience problems along our reproductive system and/or a lack of creativity and ‘spark’. On the other hand, we can start attracting all the wrong energies which can lead into dark corners on all sorts of levels in our lives.
Here’s a few things you can do to bring more balance:
  • As Swadishtana is related to primary emotional responses and regulation, check in with yourself next time you are about to burst out. In Reiki, we start every day with a promise and saying it out loud can really make a difference in manifesting it: “Just for today, I won’t be angry. I will not worry…”
  • Meditate on the colour orange, a rising sun or basking dusk.
  • Repeat the seed mantra “Vam” 108 times.
  • Explore your relation with Intimacy – some further probes on this in this post.
  • Try and respond to every negative though and emotion with a repeated, “I enjoy life fully.”

Let me know how you go! I always love to hear from you!

Happy Flowing. Happy Monday. With Love and Sweetness, x Dini
Chakra Vinyasa Flow Workshop with Dini Martinez at Happy Hot Yoga_July 2018
WANT TO find out more, including how to use your yoga practice to balance this vital (and all other main six) energy centre? Join us on Saturday 7th July for our Chakra Vinyasa Flow Workshop at Happy Hot Yoga in WoyWoy.
TOMORROW TUESDAY: Manipura Chakra… our sense of self!

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