Chakra Flow 3: Solar Plexus

Sunny Tuesday: Warmth inside and out! Even – or especially in winter – we can keep our inner sun shining. This is where a healthy Manipura kicks in. Your naval chakra physically gives you a strong core, supporting your spine along which all of those fascinating energy vortexes we’ve been talking about are located. Energetically it strengthens your sense of self.
Over-active, you get attached to your ego. If not nourished enough,self-doubt and lack of self-esteem make themselves noticed throughout your life. Translating roughly as ‘Inner Gem’, Manipura is associated with the colour yellow. Thus meditating on this radiating inner sun can help you find your power. Other ways to strengthen your Warrior Energy include:
  • Core strengthening exercises
  • Warrior Poses in your Yoga Practice
  • Naval cleansing techniques such as Nauli
  • Strengthen your digestive system. Get in touch for an in-depth Ayurvedic assessment if you feel the need and in the meantime kick your days of with a glass of luke-warm lemon water.
  • Find a sense of purpose. What makes your heart beat faster? What makes you truly feel alive? How can this benefit others? Take your time and use your day coming back to this question – always with a hand on your solar plexus which will help you walk your walk.
Love, Light and Sunshine. x Dini
Chakra Vinyasa Flow Workshop with Dini Martinez at Happy Hot Yoga_July 2018
WANT TO explore more? Join our specifically designed Chakra Vinyasa Flow Workshop on Saturday 7th July at Happy Hot Yoga in WoyWoy! Bookings with Carla (0423676532) essential.

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