Chakra Flow 7: Enlightenment

Sahaswara – your Crown. A couple of inches above your head, it is often represented by a thousand petalled lotus flower. In babies, the connection to the world beyond our material realm is obvious through their blissed out state and almost non-human behavior, whilst their fontanelles are still separated. Once they close completely, around two years of age, the ego drops in. This is often when the first notion of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ enters their state of consciousness and complete awareness of the physical separation from mum becomes evident for them. A major milestone which influences the rest of our lives!

Your crown chakra is the source of enlightenment and spiritual connection to all and everything. It links your individual consciousness to the universal consciousness and through that the realization of pure awareness. More practically speaking, it results in more kindness, compassion, constant awareness and unconditional love.

Silence is the most powerful way of opening the seventh chakra, so try and find a bit of it every day. Other ways to assist your spiritual path include

  • Regular meditation
  • Mettha Kharma – the practice of loving kindness
  • Visualizing a white golden cleansing light protecting and healing yourself and others
  • Repeating ‘Om’ 108 times
  • Pranayams like Kapalabhati (skull shining breath) and nadi shodan (cleansing and balancing of your subtle energy channels)

Now we’ve spent a week together getting glimpses of insights into the seven main energy centres that drive your being. I would love to hear how you went and am always delighted to engage in comments here or on our Facebook site.

Chakra Vinyasa Flow Workshop with Dini Martinez at Happy Hot Yoga_July 2018For NSW locals, I hope to see you on Saturday in a week to explore more through a specifically designed Yoga Flow and deep meditation and pranayama.

FOR BOOKINGS AND QUESTIONS, contact Carla or Dini. Namaste, Soul Greetings!

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