Our first nomadic year: Australia, Europe, Med and UK

It is hard to put the whole journey into picture, but here some of the highlights from committing to the dream still back home in Sydney, to leaving for Europe shortly after our second boy was born, living in a Caravan cruising Europe for several months in search for our perfect boat, topping up the kitty in the UK and finally moving on board in Greece. What a year! It was never boring, it was always adventurous, it was always beautiful and most of the time hard. Looking back, it was the biggest challenge to overcome, finding your own space in a dream turned reality. Looking forward, I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way.

The past is a memory, the future an idea, the present – a present!aegina_335-001Yoga Malta_227Yoga Malta_222Yoga Malta_221Malta Yoga_213MiddleSeaRace 14_215Malta arrival_202Brucoli_142Sicily life_130Brucoli_139Siracusa_148Siracusa_153acitrezza_133Stazzo Fishermen_105Stazzo Fishermen_108Stazzo Fishermen_101Stazzo Fishermen_109Lefkas Castle_87Lefkas Castle_94Lefkas Castle_89Lefkas Castle_83Lefkas Castle_82Taormina_125Taormina_121Lefkas Castle_78Lefkas Castle_79for Amanda_57FilmCamp-52FilmCamp-46FilmCamp-53FilmCamp-47FilmCamp-51DSC_0237-001Marzachlov_207aegina_334Gael_18Skarpachoe_464Spartacholi_467spartachori_470Skarpachoe_458HD in Kioni_415Turtle Bay_399Gael Eratini_403Amigos Dominican_409Amigos Dominican_407Monastery Ermion_378011 - monastery ermioniMonastery Ermion_377Monastery Ermion_371Monastery Ermion_372Monastery Ermion_368Delfi_354Noah Aegina_309Noah Aegina_305aegina_333Aegina_328Aegina_327Aegina_310Porto Heli_276Week 1 Kilada_224Week III_298Week III_295Poros_304Week 1 Kilada_249Week 1 Kilada_258strawberry cake_2192014-07-28_13-16-52_117LE_FP_0614_8Porto View_211Travel Quote_09LE_FP_0614_1LE_FP_0614_2LE_FP_0614_3LE_FP_0614_4LE_FP_0614_5BournemouthBeach_10Kilada March14_20-001BournemouthBeach_06LE_FP_0614_7Enlightenment_001Port CamargueJurassic CoastNew HorizonChange_970022-001Sandcastle w Mum_40La Tour Eiffel_377GrasshopperDeparting DieppeDSC_0025La Rochelle dusk_368La Rochelle nuit_363Molino de Cela_344Molino de Cela_346Molino de Cela_341Panoias_304Fisherman_287Rosas_289Port Camargue_261Lisboa_293Andalucia_284Andalucia_281Andalucia_282Port Camargue_267Port Camargue_262Seyne-Sur-Mer_253Port Camargue_265Soul Time_268Seyne-Sur-Mer_252Seyne-Sur-Mer_250Seyne-Sur-Mer_251Switzerland 0813_234Switzerland 0813_230Switzerland 0813_223Bodensee Aug13_213Bodensee Aug13_208Week 3 Blog Post_172Danube Walk_182Danube Walk_181Last Sydney Days_120Raw Pralines_118Jump into Water_117Mum and BabyBaby BuddhaPregnant Sydney_39Harbour Splash_42Mum in Blue_430031DSC_0066_01Buddha4ff6d-dsc_0091Flying DreamsBelly9MonthsLepe_1910992Lepe_179postcard_118


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