Dreaming in Pictures

Here’s our world in pictures which I love taking, sharing and selling upon special request.

2015 Mediterranean Cruising Season – This includes photos from our quick trip to the UK to teach and retreat at the annual yoga and dance highlight: Colourfest and more; leaving Malta in a non-stop five day sail to Kithara in Greece, followed by two amazing weeks of Meltemi summer sailing through the Cyclades and Dodacanese, as well as one of our Mediterranean high-lights: Our summer in Turkey. Enjoy the pics and leave a comment as we always love to hear from readers, bloggers, sailors, travellers and yogis alike.

A winter in Malta 2014/15 – we once again stopped for a few months in winter to top up our kitty, ground ourselves and enjoy the conveniences of semi-settled life for a change. Here’s out winter in Malta in pictures.

The beginning of our sailing journey from Sydney to Europe and the UK into the Med, 2014 – It is hard to put this whole crucial part of  finally realizing our sailing dream into picture, but you can get a sense of some of the highlights from committing to the dream still back home in Sydney, to leaving for Europe shortly after our second boy was born, living in a Caravan cruising Europe for several months in search for our perfect boat, topping up the kitty in the UK and finally moving on board in Greece. What a year! It was never boring, it was always adventurous, it was always beautiful and most of the time hard. Looking back, it was the biggest challenge to overcome, finding your own space in a dream turned reality. Looking forward, I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way.

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