Inhale 2015 – Exhale 2014

Some of you might have noticed that a new look’s been creeping into this blog over the past few weeks. With a new year on the doorstep, it felt like the right time to satisfy my hunger for a bit more action. Our yoga and sailing videos stand out more, and so does all yoga related info, from weekly classes, over workshops & festivals, to retreats and my online studio with a growing number of yoga classes for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own living room, aft deck or nearest pontoon. More into cooking or hungry post-yoga? Wholesome vegetarian recipes are found at the click of one finger in the right hand corner;)

CH_Out there0714_0

More news, you can now find us on Twitter and I am contemplating the necessity (vs uselessness?) of a SailingYogaFamily Facebook page and/or Instagram and who knows what. Not surprisingly, I’m working on an article ‘Blogging my boat’ – the highs and lows of the social media trend. In short – it takes a lot of time (at the very least an hour every day), but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to connect with, learn from and inspire like-minded people to take the leap of faith and turn their dreams into reality. The article will continue a series of two feature articles (peek below) of mine which have been published this year in the Cruising Helmsmen – Australia’s biggest and best cruising mag which will see more of us in the future. Hoorey;) Here’s to a definite highlight!

Med p1

It’s been three year’s of blogging and 1.5 years since selling everything that belonged to us and leaving Sydney for Europe. 2013 was a year of letting go, looking for our boat and testing us how strongly we really wanted to live this dream. It’s not the path of least resistance. More the opposite. It’s not for the weak hearted. It’s not easy. Never. But it’s wonderful, wondrous, miraculous, adventurous, magic, fulfilling, real, true, deep, intense, full of life… it’s for us for now. 2014 (blogging stats) saw us top up our kitty, move on board and grow our sea legs. What will 2015 bring with it? Plans are many, dreams are alive, love towards the live we have chosen, ever so flowing.

The world needs dreamers. And the world needs doers. But mostly, the world needs dreamers who do.

Time and space sometimes become irrelevant when you are flying like an eagle across the waves of your dreams. Dream walking. Or walking your dream path. Nothing matters apart from the true essence. Sailing connects me with the big spirit of this planet. Yoga keeps it all together. My family makes it real.Wherever you are on your journey, popping the first bubbles of New Year’s Eve in the Kiritimati atoll near the International Date Line, or waiting a whole 26 hours longer on Baker island to toast to 2015 (when the Kiritimatians are already on day 2 of the new year!) – may it make your dreams come true. Thanks for your support, curiosity and presence. Stay tuned throughout the next year as it never gets boring on board Happy Dancer.

The world belongs to those who dare living their dreams.


  1. Nice idea to update the look of your site for the new year and yes, it is quite a bit of work to keep the blog going! We are new to blogging – 6 months, but it has opened up opportunities and great connections all over the world. Diffetent people enjoy different things you post. For us apart from our friends, we find we get the sailors, the photographers and the bird watchers taking an interest in what we are doing… Slowly growing our followers. Haven’t gone down the FB route… Keeping things manageable and not creating too much work for yourself…

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