New Page: Galleries = Our World in Pictures

When cruising, there never used to be enough internet for blogging anything beyond regular updates through posts. Now that Pablo is working from on board, he’s luckily sorted it out through our own wifi router which has been working excellently here in Turkey. This has allowed me to upload a few more pics than usual and for those who don’t have the time or muse to write at the moment – or are relatively new to the blog and want the story of the last two years or so since we started our nomadic adventure in quicker digestible picture format, check out Galleries (top hand corner of the homepage form now on next to Recipes, Online Yoga Studio, Yoga Retreats and all that). It’s an organically growing project portraying my passion for photography and our travels. Some you can also see and like on National Geographic. So far there’s three folders:

2015 Mediterranean Cruising Season – This is a work in process, so here’s just the beginning, from our quick trip to the UK, to leaving Malta in a non-stop five day sail to Kithara in Greece, followed by two amazing weeks of Meltemi sailing through the Cyclades and Dodacanese and our new Mediterranean favourite: Turkey. Enjoy the pics and leave a comment as we always love to connect with people beyond just a one-way-street;)

A winter in Malta – 2014/15 we once again stopped for a few months in winter to top up our kitty, ground ourselves and enjoy the conveniences of semi-settled life for a change. Here’s out winter in Malta in pictures.

Sydney, Europe, Med & UK 2014 – It is hard to put the whole journey into picture, but here some of the highlights from committing to the dream still back home in Sydney, to leaving for Europe shortly after our second boy was born, living in a Caravancruising Europe for several months in search for our perfect boat, topping up the kitty in the UK and finally moving on board in Greece. What a year! It was never boring, it was always adventurous, it was always beautiful and most of the time hard. Looking back, it was the biggest challenge to overcome, finding your own space in a dream turned reality. Looking forward, I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way.

Buskett Forest_587

For more random snapshots, check out all the posted Gallery section in the right hand column under Radio Interviews, Videos ,Quotes and all that.. Remember we always love hearing from you – connecting with people, close and far, foreign and similar, crazy and normal – that’s one of the most enjoyable parts of our journey and one of the main motivations of dedicating precious time every day to pouring my heart and soul out on this blog. You get an insight into our lives – we’d love to hear from you too. It’s not a one-way road. Love and light and thanks for reading, watching, writing to and following us;)

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